A true story of a winemaker for all of us that think it is too late to change

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Coaches, society, and even friends tell you that you should hurry in life. People like Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart started early to build up their legacy. Admittedly, I am not trying to become a legend. I was curious if my best years — according to common belief — were behind me?

Was it too late to start something new? You will be surprised by the number of people who started late: Colonel Sanders (founder of KFC) at 65; Joanne K. Rowling was unemployed, etc.

I can only speak for myself: I was unemployed, had depts from…

It will lose its attractiveness and lightness.

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You probably know “business” consultants in your circle of friends or people who give marketing advice to people who love their hobbies.

In the past, I was one of these consultants with good intentions. I thought that people with brilliant “results” in their hobbies should work self-employed. Self-employed seemed to be the solution to almost everything as I love(d) to work that way.

Therefore, I was a crusader for this type of occupation. Typical sentences were:

  • You are so great in “PLACEHOLDER”— have you ever considered making a living out of it?
  • Why don’t you earn money with this?


“You were never born, and you will never die. You will always be there…” (Osho)

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Spirituality offers you new perspectives, surprises you, and breaks some of the rules.

Three years ago, I heard about aura surgery, spiritual medium(s), and shamans for the first time. And all I could do was laughing and keeping the topics behind me.

The topics just didn’t resonate with me and I didn’t believe they could add any value to my life.

It was too far away from what I thought would be “normal.” I have to admit that I lived a quite “ordinary” life until late 2017.

Severe sickness of my sister and an almost burn-out in my job got…

If applied correctly, you can achieve more in less time.

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Top consultancy companies are often hired when transparency and neutral perspectives are needed, and unpleasant decisions have to be made or communicated.

While many people see consultants as the “evil itself,” some of their techniques are nonetheless worthy of studying. These methods often can help to achieve more in the different stages of your professional career.

Whenever you change your job, either internal or external, or when your career does not progress in the right direction, it would be wise to take a minute to reflect on how you can:

  • decrease the time you need to get familiar with new…

Develop your mind from a chauffeur status to a mastermind.

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We all know that wisdom is essential. Companies are happy to offer jobs to motivated AND well-educated people. In schools or universities, you have to deliver knowledge on point.

But sometimes, the required wisdom does not want to stay in our brains. It seems to vanish like water in a strainer. Besides, if we perform the famous wisdom bulimia, we end up with less knowledge than before.

For those of you who haven’t heard of wisdom bulimia: you guzzle a lot of data with the sole intention to puke it out in the test situation and forget it afterward.


#2. Setting up your radar

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Whenever people are looking for new jobs, the seemingly uncomfortable application game begins. This game stresses some people that they won’t apply for a new job even if they belong to the 71%+ group that has already resigned in their heads.

Though, the principles of winning this application game are easy-to-understand. If you apply the basic concepts, you will:

  • increase the chance to be invited to a job interview
  • reduce the stress-level connected to this game
  • reduce the “time-to-market” of your applications

1. Identify where you would like to work

One thing that is usually not part of the education game in schools or universities is the “where…

The power of focus leaves you better off if applied correctly

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We have to face that going to work to make a living marks the typical use-case. Some of us are fortunate enough to have a “balanced work-life-balance”.

But is this balance what we should ultimately crave for?

You can check yourself by analyzing your thoughts. For instance, you could ask yourself how often you think about the upcoming weekend or about these most important two days that should have refueled your tanks for the current week full of work.

In 2021, 51 weekends are equaling 102 days of possible “free” time. Besides, you typically work during the week for (more…

Apply these top-consultancy principles to get the best results

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In a business context, PowerPoint (together with other tools to present information, e.g., Prezi) remains essential. It is a valid and easy-to-use method to:

  • Share information,
  • Convince the audience,
  • Show results or next steps, and many more.

In blue-chip or start-up companies, you will often need clear, easy-to-understand, and engaging documents.

By looking at how top-consultancy firms structure their PowerPoint presentations, you will optimize your skills.

I have worked for a top-consultancy firm, and I still work with many consultants in my new role. Here is a best-of of what I learned.

#1. Content > appearance

I often saw slides that looked beautiful but…

If you master them — you will live a rich and meaningful life.

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Famous leaders and teachers, like Neale Donald Walsh, Ekkehart Tolle, Ken Honda, or even Mister Miyagi, agree that finding balance in life is crucial.

But as with all learning matters — it might be harder done than said, especially if you are at the beginning of your journey or might have lost your way.

The first step is identifying what forces influence your way of living; the second is to find your balance on your way.

Life is never a straight line, and for many, it is more like a pendulum with higher or lower amplitudes.

By reflecting on the…

If you apply them — you will not only #5. find your balance.

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My former martial arts and fencing teacher taught me an important lesson:

“You will learn or receive feedback from every action— it won’t matter if you fail or prevail.”

He was right. When “Cobra Kai” came out on Netflix — I remembered his words and felt the strong urge to watch one of my favorite movies of the eighties again: Karate Kid.

After watching the movie, I have to admit that I had a completely different film in mind.

I could not believe how many valuable and hidden life lessons were in the movie.

#1. don’t judge an older man by his weakness for bonsai trees.

As with great books, you should…

Daniel Hövermann

Goal: changing thoughts, behavior, and beliefs; an NLP Coach that finds the best way to be the biggest gift to you! Let’s live our dream life!

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