It will lose its attractiveness and lightness.

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You probably know “business” consultants in your circle of friends or people who give marketing advice to people who love their hobbies.

In the past, I was one of these consultants with good intentions. I thought that people with brilliant “results” in their hobbies should work self-employed. Self-employed seemed to be the solution to almost everything as I love(d) to work that way.

Therefore, I was a crusader for this type of occupation. Typical sentences were:

To speak the truth: I did a disservice to a lot of people by doing this. …

4 areas to step up your VR awareness.

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Facebook launched its stand-alone virtual reality goggles to make this new experience accessible to everyone.

On their website, they state that with their newest technologies, “virtual reality (VR) lets us explore new worlds, defy obstacles, and attempt the impossible.” And Facebook is not the only supplier.

The VR industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It serves companies professionally to better construct products by envisioning the result, but it also has major impacts on our personal daily lives.

Facebook’s vision and application spectrum of VR is vast:

“You can explore outer space, step inside history, and connect with friends. And we can leverage this technology to drive meaningful social change. We’ve partnered with research institutions to better understand how VR can positively impact the way we learn, we’re working to improve access to VR in libraries and schools — and we’re just getting started.” …

“You were never born, and you will never die. You will always be there…” (Osho)

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Spirituality offers you new perspectives, surprises you, and breaks some of the rules.

Three years ago, I heard about aura surgery, spiritual medium(s), and shamans for the first time. And all I could do was laughing and keeping the topics behind me.

The topics just didn’t resonate with me and I didn’t believe they could add any value to my life.

It was too far away from what I thought would be “normal.” I have to admit that I lived a quite “ordinary” life until late 2017.

Severe sickness of my sister and an almost burn-out in my job got me interested in topics like personal development, healing, and alike. …

Especially if you haven’t heard of him yet.

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Ths singer Garth Brooks was singing at the inauguration ceremony of President Biden. He sang the same song as Barack Obama did — “Amazing Grace.

By doing this, many reactionary fans displayed their hatred against him.

The performance showed how a united nation could look like — and who is against it as “Die Welt a German newspaper, brilliantly put it.,”

Garth who? For many Europeans, this name did not ring any bells. He was a man in jeans wearing a country hat, singing a song at the inauguration. But Barth Brooks sold more disks than the Beatles.

He is the most successful country singer. …

If trained regularly, they reduce your anxieties and let you live courageously.

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In 2020, our brains, souls, and bodies were put on a stern test. COVID-19 has brought countries, economies, and, most importantly, humans from driving full-throttle in 6th gear into reverse.

While a few could cope with the new situation, many people feel insecure, frightened, and don’t know what to do with their fears.

For many teachers, such as the NLP-expert Tony Robbins or Marc A. Pletzer, fear is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a behavior that protects you from bad experiences.

You probably know the term: a burned child avoids the fire. Therefore, fears are a good thing as they can protect you from something that could harm you. …

The producers are far more accurate than any oracle of Delphi.

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Many philosophers, researchers, and mentalists haven’t achieved what The Simpson has done relatively accurately: to foresee the future.

One has to admit that they had many more chances as the creator Matt Groening and the producers created almost close to 700 episodes in 32 seasons.

But what will strike you the most is how on-point their predictions were and how much time was in between the information in the episode and the reality.

#1. The forecast of the Apple iPhone

In 1994, “Lisa on the ice,” The Simpsons revealed an early prototype of one of the most outstanding economic and social inventions of the last years — the iPhone (or smartphones in general). …

A brief analysis of the past, present, and future.

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Photo by Li Yang on Unsplash

In Germany and probably worldwide, many conspiracists believe that China is one of the big winners of the crisis.

As I like to base my opinion on facts, I looked at the underlying data. To sum it up, and contrary to many conspiracists' beliefs, China is not a big winner of the crisis — at least not in the long-run.

Apart from regretfully suffering from more than 4.000 dead casualties (official figures), China’s economy by itself is not as strong as people believe.

The global economy in general is a value creation circle.

You can contribute to this circle by either paying someone for a product or a service or offering goods. …

Save thousands of dollars for seminars as “Soul” goes all the (personal development) way.

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Picture by Disney+ Germany

We all know that movies play a major factor in our lives. And just like you, I quote “important” lines from my favorite movies as if I watched them yesterday.

And a lot of movies from our childhood influence our life until today. Sometimes, their influence is not measurable. Sometimes, whole life concepts were hammered into our heads, coming out of seemingly intelligent persons' pens.

But by watching Pixar's newest masterpiece, “Soul,” you cannot do anything wrong.

It offers advice beyond imagination — if you take a closer look and spend some time on the details.

And the funny thing is — you won’t get the information as dense and well-conditioned as in this movie. …

Speaking out the truth does not hurt — it is healing.

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Whenever I am in my seminars or with wakeful friends, I am curious what people are thinking about their lives or what is true to them.

The funny thing is — rarely anybody knows the truth for their lives.

You and I lived in such an unaware state of mind that we did not even notice that we breathed alternately through one nosehole at a time! It changes from the right to the left and back again in a specific period.

Now that you know this — you cannot say that I did not warn you!

And if we are not aware of such fundamental things that literally happen right in (front of) our nose — what else do we miss? …

Make more out of this irritating and straining time.

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2020 is (and in less than one month was) a year of change for many of us. Due to lockdowns and the company’s planning, I had to spend weeks at home. Besides working remotely, I chose to read as many books as possible.

As we all know — books widen your perception, grants you interesting perspectives on topics, nourish your mind, and above all:

Reading lets you think with the author’s brain.

And the latter is the most important reason to continue reading as it helps to understand the world from different angles. …


Daniel Hövermann

Goal: changing thoughts, behavior, and beliefs; an NLP Coach that finds the best way to be the biggest gift to you! Let’s live our dream life!

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