Try these easy-to-apply cures to live a rebellious happy working life.

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A true story of a winemaker for all of us that think it is too late to change

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It will lose its attractiveness and lightness.

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  • Why don’t you earn money with this?

“You were never born, and you will never die. You will always be there…” (Osho)

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If applied correctly, you can achieve more in less time.

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Develop your mind from a chauffeur status to a mastermind.

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#2. Setting up your radar

  • reduce the stress-level connected to this game
  • reduce the “time-to-market” of your applications

1. Identify where you would like to work

One thing that is usually not part of the education game in schools or universities is the “where…

The power of focus leaves you better off if applied correctly

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Apply these top-consultancy principles to get the best results

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  • Convince the audience,
  • Show results or next steps, and many more.

#1. Content > appearance

I often saw slides that looked beautiful but…

If you master them — you will live a rich and meaningful life.

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Daniel Hövermann

changing thoughts, behavior, and beliefs; a soul that finds the best way to be the biggest gift to you! Enjoy the ride!

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